The project is in its infancy, but well underway. In 2024, Planetary Dreaming will be a kind of pre-project for a longer-term and more anchored institution/initiative.


Time period:

2023-2024. But expected to be extended


The project is currently funded by the Art Foundation, the Becket Foundation and the Novo Nordisk Foundation

Visit the digital platform here

Planetary Dreaming – Designing the future

Planetary Dreaming is a project that builds network and brings together all those working on sustainable development, aiming to restart and reestablish our ability to envision hopeful futures. By using the propositional tools of design, art, and architecture, the project helps decision-makers and others to imagine futures where everything thrives.

The project originates from design professor Ida Engholm’s research and her latest book, Design for the New World, which gathers various perspectives on sustainable societal development and how design plays a role in realizing alternative ways of building societies and being in the world.

I have assisted Ida Engholm and other researchers and educators at the Royal Danish Academy in scoping and shaping the project’s initiation, including a conference and a digital platform where Planetary Dreamers can share their knowledge and resources.

The goal is for the project to evolve into an action-oriented research center, functioning as an experimental lab for new sustainable societal designs and design practices.

Visit the digital platform at and consider if you too are a Planetary Dreamer!

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