What you can expect from working with me

Effective, creative, and engaging processes: Get the best out of your meetings and processes with tailored approaches that promote participant engagement and results.

Clear direction, meaning, and impact: With my consulting, we ensure that your strategies and projects are not only visionary but also practical and feasible, creating real value, results, and sustainable impact.

Strengthened leadership and organizational culture: Through a holistic approach, we enhance both your and your organization’s ability to navigate complex challenges and create meaningful change.

Three periods that have shaped me

Kolding School of Design, where I studied and subsequently had my first job as a project manager. Here, my expertise in design was established, and I became acquainted with the power of the artistic and aesthetic approach. It was also here that I first encountered strategic sustainability.

The Alternative (political party),where I rediscovered my political, democratic and activist interest and nerve. Here I learned startup-style about strategic communication, organizational design and of course value, attitude and purpose-driven involvement and engagement. Here, sustainability became more than just climate and biodiversity for me. Here it became a hope for a better way of being human.

The Danish Design Center,where I learned to communicate and demonstrate the value of design, but most of all, I learned how design tools and approaches can play an important role in unlocking the change potential of individuals and organizations. Here, I learned the art of developing and operationalizing progressive strategies through engagement rather than control. It was also here that I learned that leadership is something we share – not something we get or take.

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What I can help you with